Montana Oval meets bullet car

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Montana Oval meets bullet car

Мнениеот hawrdstrack » чет май 24, 2018 1:01 pm


So I found this oval window here on the Samba for sale. After alot of thought I decided it needed me as much as I needed it. Problem being that I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and this oval is in Billings, Montana. I am the type of guy that is always up for the challenge so what the hell...why not? She looks pretty solid although it is not complete. I am sure you all saw this car in the ads. Anyway my passion sometimes overrides my sensibility so throwing everything to the wind made the deal, besides us VW people will go to great lengths to make something happen...right? I have over the course of my VW love affair bought and sold many cars, these cars I actually flat towed to the various places I have called home. For example, I flat towed a 1967 from New Hampshire to Virginia, no problems. Flat towed a 1954 from Tennessee to Florida, no problems. Flat towed a 1956 from Connecticut to Florida no problems. I did however bring my tools, spare tires and a set of wheel bearings each time. I actually thought about flat towing this car home to Virginia, 2100 miles, but for once my brain took the helm and I have decided it might not be such a good idea. I own a my own semi truck so have decided to make a little vacation out of this adventure. So I have contacted the company I am contracted to to get me a load to Billings, Montana. Once I have unloaded the freight I will load the car up on the back of my trailer and the car will ride 2100 miles to its new home. This will happen next weekend July 22. Please feel free to follow along on this trip as I will post pictures as we go.

Any help will be apprecited.

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