Buying new car in Germany and importing it in Bulgaria

Тук може да коментирате автошколите от град Благоевград. Класацията на автошколите от град Благоевград може да видите ТУК.
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Buying new car in Germany and importing it in Bulgaria

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I am Greek citizen, partner in an export Bulgarian company and plan to live one day permanently in Blagoevgrad Bulgaria.
I'd like to buy a NEW car from Germany, transport it to Bulgaria where my company is, and then register it there.
My questions are:
-Do I have to pay registration taxes in Germany and again in Bulgaria as the car is brand new or can I avoid them in one of the two countries?
-Is the car registration tax 10% as I read in both countries?
-In case I have to pay once what papers to ask from German car dealer?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Please help.

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